I Am a
Macro Thinker,
Memories Creator

I spend my time working on ideas I think are cool, useful & fun.

Projects I'm Drawn To:

Are Data Driven

Connecting data points is a lot more fulfilling than guesswork.

Dare To Innovate

Innovation is the fundamental driver for growth, without it I would be stuck doing the same thing everyday.

Are Moon Shots

Working to solve hard problems is challenging and fun. Working on moon shots is rewarding.

Are Esthetically Pleasing

Our world is full of beauty, art & wonder. I LOVE working on products that combine the three.

Provide An Experience

We learn from experience.
We teach through stories.
We share through emotions.

Require Strategic Thinking

I love examining problems from a macro level, figuring out how complex systems work, and the causalities of forces and events.

Projects I'm Proud Of

Let’s get together
to discuss something great.

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