Product Launch Task Force

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What Is PLTF?

The PLTF is a legion of passionate product marketing specialists that enjoy creating overnight success for amazing products and services.

Who Can Join PLTF?

You must be invited by at least 3 existing PLTF members to be considered for membership.

Why Should You Join PLTF?

PLTF members enjoy exclusive, early access to amazing products & services.

Does PLTF Membership Cost?

NO! PLTF members are not required to pay a membership fee.
PLTF's operational cost are covered by it's product sponsors.

How Are Products Selected?

PLTF products and services can be suggested by our members or through our PLTF product promotion request form.

How Are Products Promoted?

Our members specialize in driving high volumes of converting traffic overnight.
Channels include: Social Media, Video, Podcast, News, Blogs, Forums & Ads.


Apply For Membership

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